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Obesitas en prostaatkanker

Dat obesitas een risicofactor is voor het ontstaan van prostaatkanker is een bekend feit dat door meerdere studies werd onderzocht en waaraan DUOS regelmatig aandacht besteed, lees onder meer Obesitas en Prostaatkankerrisico. Een nieuwe studie focust op de bredere invloed van obesitas op prostaatkanker, zo werden ook de detectie van prostaatkanker en de beste chirurgische benadering onderzocht.


Obesity might play a role in the pathogenesis and progression of PCa. The metabolic alterations induced by obesity, and the paracrine effect of the peritumoral hypertrophic adipocytes should be considered as a part of the pathophysiologic mechanisms of the development of PCa. At the same time, elevated BMI levels might influence the detection of PCa by altering PSA blood concentration and by reducing the detection rate of prostate biopsy. On the other hand, the association between obesity and oncologic outcome after radical prostatectomy, radiotherapy and ADT is still debated. Finally, the best surgical approach (open vs. minimally invasive) for the radical prostatectomy in obese patients has not been identified yet. Further studies are needed to explain the mechanisms linking obesity and PCa outcomes after radical treatment.

Full article Obesity and Prostate Cancer in Current Opinion in Urology

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