Foundation Dutch Uro-Oncology Studygroup (DUOS)

Foundation Dutch Uro-Oncology Study group (DUOS) is a multidisciplinary study group comprising 27 academic and regional hospitals in the Netherlands. Our key interest is initiating and collaborating in investigator as well as Industry initiated and sponsored clinical trials in urological cancers. The spectrum includes the entire range of metastatic and non-metastatic and phase 1-3 clinical trials as well as post-marketing (phase 4) health- economics studies. DUOS collaborates with other national groups, such as the Scandic Group, the Spanish Oncology Genitourinary Group (SOGUG), as well as the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium in the United States.

In addition DUOS provides information on latest developments and ongoing research for health care professionals and patients. Study group members support patients seeking KOL second opinions. This may include enrollment of potential patients onto DUOS clinical research programs at one of the participating sites.

The group has received financial launching support from the Dutch Cancer Society. The board currently comprises one urologist: dr. Joost Boormans (ErasmusMC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam); one nuclear medicine physician dr. Daniela Oprea (Amsterdam UMC); two radiotherapists: dr. Linda Kerkmeijer (Radboud UMC Nijmegen) and dr. Karel Hinnen (Amsterdam UMC); and two medical oncologists, dr. Andre Bergman (Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam) and Professor Ronald de Wit (ErasmusMC Cancer Institute, Rotterdam, founding Chairman of DUOS). DUOS is registered by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.

The NePro study (docetaxel +/- risedronic acid); Mainsail (docetaxel +/- lenalidomide); Affirm (enzalutamide); Millenium (orteronel) and more Keynote-199 (pembrolizumab); DORA (docetaxel +/- Rad223); RadiumInsigth (Rad223 biomarker discov) are examples of DUOS prostate cancer trials.

Secavin (cabazitaxel vs vinflunin ); Range (ramucirumab); Keynote studies 45, 52, 361, 57 and 676; RESPONDER (pembro biomarker discov); MVigor and Checkmate trials and NIAGARA (neoadjuvant chemo +/- durvalumab) are examples of urothelial cancer trials. Ongoing are always at least twenty bladder cancer and prostate cancer studies.


1. Prostate cancer studies

2. Bladder cancer studies

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